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Experiencing workplace harassment? Start with documenting everything

While you are navigating workplace discrimination, harassment and retaliation, it is important to record all the details as you remember them, even if you never report a complaint. You will forget details if you don’t record them as they happen. It’s not too late to document past events. If you haven’t documented previous occurrences, do it now, include the date you are documenting the incident,  and do your best. 

The Wolf and The Bee documentation forms are templates you can use to capture as many details as possible  so you have the relevant information available to you, if you need them. 

Tips and best practices while you are documenting:

  • Start a journal. Use a notebook or online journal to keep all information in one place, and easily accessible.
  • If you are using a physical journal, create an INDEX to find information quickly (get more info about indexing HERE.).
  • If you are using a digital journal, use keywords so you can find information quickly. 
  • Keep your record on a non-work device. Save your documentation to a non-work cloud file (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.).
  • Forward all relevant email communication to your personal email. BCC yourself on your email communications.
  • Everyday – ask yourself if something new happened. If it did, document it, no matter how minor it feels.
  • If you decide to try to address incidents directlydocument the conversation.
  • If you mention an incident to colleagues, or decide to report to a supervisorhuman resources, or anyone at your company, document the conversation. 
  • Document the financial costs and other impacts of having to deal with harassment. 
  • Your employee manual may have a reporting forms. Include that information in your documentation. 

There are three Documentation Templates to help you keep track of relevant information and include:

Template: Harassment & Discrimination Incident Documentation

Document every incident of harassment, discrimination and retaliation, in detail.

Template: Document Workplace Harassment
Template: Reporting Discrimination and Harassment

Document all conversations and communications when you report a complaint to anyone in your company.

Template: Reporting Harassment
Template: Harassment Costs Ledger

 Capture all costs and impacts you incur while dealing with discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

Workplace Harassment Costs Ledger Template

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