Navigating Workplace Harassment

A User Guide

We are sorry you are here.

Experiencing harassment and discrimination at work can fall on us like a heavy weight. We may find ourselves paralyzed, unsure of what to do. You are not alone. We understand the difficulties and challenges you are facing.

While you may not know what to do, your company most likely does. They have information, a process, resources, like attorneys, that protect their interests first. This can put you at a disadvantage. And although company policies may align with your best interest, there is a reason many people do not report harassment or discrimination.

We have created a comprehensive “NAVIGATING WORKPLACE HARASSMENT USER GUIDE”, to level the playing field as much as possible.

Our goal is not to tell you what to do. It is to empower you with knowledge. We want you to understand all your options, the loopholes, the road blocks, and the risks, so you can navigate the process with more confidence, and make decisions that work best for you, along the way.

There is a lot of information to wade through. Take your time. Jump around. Do the exercises. And remember to document everything!

New Option!

The Wolf and The Bee acts as your “representative” and sends a diplomatic and discreet email (“The BeeMail”) directly to your colleague without mentioning your name. 

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