Contribute to a Gender Discrimination Survey

Share Your Experience: Contrigute to a Study on Gender Discriminaiton

We are excited to announce a special collaboration between The Wolf and The Bee and Silent Sisterhood!

Silent Sisterhood is conducting an important study on gender discrimination and they need your voice, experience and insights.

We invite you to share your story of reporting gender discrimination in your workplace. By contributing, you’ll help us gain a deeper understanding and create more effective solutions.

About the Silent Sisterhood Study

In this research we aim to give voice to the “Silent Sisterhood” of women who have filed a complaint or a lawsuit against an employer. We will publish the aggregated results publicly with the goal of helping other women who may go through similar experiences in the future.

All responses are anonymous. Please do not identify your employer or any personal information in the survey. This will take about 10 minutes to complete. We request honest responses about your personal experiences and advice to other women. 

Also, please share this link with other women who you think would be interested in sharing their personal experiences.

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