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Our Mission

The Wolf and The Bee provides resources, information, and tools for individuals and companies, to help navigate and resolve workplace harassment and discrimination, with a focus on corporate culture and career development.

The Wolf and The Bee works on three pillars:

  • Provide information and resources to empower individuals experiencing workplace harassment and discrimination
  • Educate and facilitate changes to company policies and culture
  • Identify and challenge civic systems, policies, and laws that enable or protect a culture of discrimination

By The Numbers

women who have experienced sexual harassment in their lifetime
were harassed by a senior manager at their company
have experienced or witnessed age, gender, race or LGBT+ discrimination
have been a victim or a witness of racism at work

Stand With Us

The Wolf and the Bee was started to eliminate discrimination and harassment in the workplace by working with employees, employers by empowering individuals, educating employers, and addressing unfair legal systems.

Our History

At the height of the #METOO Movement, one of our founders was sexually harassed. Looking for the best way to resolve the issue, we looked for resources and recommendations before deciding how best to proceed. Information was spotty, filled with jargon, and legalese. We couldn’t find any information on options, potential risks, or tactics.

Three years later, after considering and trying different strategies to find a resolution, within the company, with attorneys, and through government agencies, we knew we needed to take our experience and help others avoid the many pitfalls and roadblocks we encountered.

We decided to start The Wolf and The Bee.

Our Name

The name of this organization was inspired by the founders’ last names. While wolves have their packs and bees have their hives, both species depend on group cooperation for their success.

Both employers and employees are engaged in a symbiotic relationship, working towards prosperity for all. Sometimes this relationship feels more like a power imballance, and this becomes even more apparent when it comes to employees that fall within protected classes.

At times we will behave like a beehive, to build and grow community, and cooperation to creating a new balance.

At times we will move like a wolf pack – pursue, create and support systemic change.

The Founders

Cheri Wolf

Cheri Wolf, co-founder of The Wolf and The Bee, is a seasoned professional with a track record of exceeding sales targets, totaling over $20 million annually. With a diverse background in both large corporations and small businesses, she brings extensive hands-on experience to her role.

As the former owner of Ads Up Outdoor, a successful billboard signage company in Chicago, Cheri honed her entrepreneurial skills over a decade. Prior to entrepreneurship, she thrived in various roles, gaining invaluable insights into business operations.

In her tenure within the competitive advertising and signage industry, Cheri developed innovative strategies for navigating challenging workplace dynamics, leveraging her experiences to foster healthy and inclusive environments. At The Wolf and The Bee, she is committed to cultivating workplaces free from discrimination and bias, fostering growth and equality.

Sandy Lisonbee

Sandy Lisonbee, co-founder of The Wolf and The Bee, brings a diverse skill set honed through her extensive experience in both large corporations and start-ups. With roles like Director of B2B Marketing and Director of Operations in emerging media technology, she honed skills in management and leadership.

Grounded in her studies at the University of Utah in Anthropology and Women’s Studies, Sandy developed an understanding of human behavior and societal dynamics. Sandy actively equips herself and her peers with practical tools for communication, conflict resolution, and boundary-setting.

At The Wolf and The Bee, Sandy is dedicated to reshaping workplace culture and dismantling ineffective systems that perpetuate harassment and discrimination.

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