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July 2023

Networking and Fundraising Happy Hour

Are you in the Chicago area? Join us for our networking happy hour, with fellow professionals in Chicago while raising funds for a great cause, on Thursday, July 27th at 5:00 PM, at Jefferson Tap and Grill.

Can’t make it?  You can still support the mission.

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Scripts to Address Harassment Directly

In many cases, addressing harassment or inappropriate behavior when it happens can stop a molehill from becoming a mountain. You could be doing yourself and everyone else a favor by calling out harassing behavior at the time of the incident. Even if you wait to address the issue until after you’ve collected your thoughts and assessed the risks, you may be able to stop the issue from continuing or escalating.

Being prepared with a script ahead of time creates a form of muscle memory that can kick in once the initial shock response has worn off. 

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