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May 2022

On Cinco de Mayo 2020 we started The Wolf and The Bee. Why? Well, in the height of the #metoo movement many people came forward but finding information on HOW to address and stop harassment was scarce. When lockdown started we decided to take the information and research we had collected from our experiences, and start The Wolf and The Bee, with the mission to eliminate harassment and discrimination in the workplace.

Since our inception in 2020 (and thanks to many of you) we have raised money and completed the 1st phase of our mission: we launched The Navigating Workplace Harassment User Guide.

We are now working on Phase 2: Creating our Employer Services Module: providing programs and services to create a healthy and safe work environment. 

To fund the Employer Module, and release The Wolf and The Bee Podcast we are launching a summer campaign fundraiser with the goal of receiving donations from 500 donors, starting May 5.

Goal Update:

We are now a 501 (c)(3) non-profit!

The Wolf and the Bee is fiscally sponsored by NOPI – Nonprofit Incubator, so all your donations are tax-deductible. This is a big milestone for us because now we can actively pursue additional funding opportunities, and move our mission forward faster.

2022 Summer Fundraiser

We have a fundraising goal of receiving donations from 100 donors, starting on May 5, 2022. You can help support our mission by making a donation today.

Goals Completed:

Aug 2021: The Wolf and The Bee website hosting:

The Navigating Workplace Harassment – A User Guide – 100%

The Navigating Workplace Harassment User Guide was created to provide information, tools, and strategies for those currently experiencing harassment and discrimination at work.

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